Saturday, 20 October 2012

DIY: Spider Princess Halloween Makeup

In between my ridiculous amounts of schoolwork, I've made a Halloween Makeup Tutorial for you all! It's very easy to do and is great if you have limited time and resources.
(Please note, I am so not a makeup pro)

This look was inspired by none other than everyone's creepy crawly best friend! Well, maybe not everyone's. They're certainly not mine - except for this one;

Much better! <3
So, what you'll need for this Halloween look is;
A black liquid eyeliner - I used No7 Liquid Eye Liner in Black
Mascara - Maybelline The Falsies Winged Mascara in Black
Grey and black eyeshadow - New Look Colour Palette
Medium makeup brush - Misc.
(optional) Purple and blue eyeshadow - BeautyUK Colour Palette
(optional) Pot black eyeliner for stronger lines - Clinique Eye Liner in Black

And we're ready to start!

Step One

Begin with a clean and moisturised face. Take the grey eyeshadow and sweep it over your eye, extending it up to your eyebrow. Smudge in well.

Step Two

Take the black eyeshadow, tap excess off the brush and make a bold line following the crease of your eye. This makes you eyes seem larger as you've exaggerated the natural shadows.

Step Three

Using the same eyeshadow, line just underneath your lashes. Bear with it, you've now finished the base and are ready to have some fun!

Step Four

To make this look more dramatic, use an eyeshadow colour combination of your choice on the far side of your eye. I chose to use blue and purple as it fit with the rest of my outfit but it's personal preference. Sweep colour one out from your eye and above your eyebrow, then pat colour two close to the corner of your eye for a more vivid effect.

Step Five

Take your liquid liner and carefully line your top eyelash line, before flicking out the ends. You want clear, fluid lines for the best effect. This line can be as long or short as you like!

Step Six

Time for the fun part! Create another few lines just like the one you created along your eye. Some of the lines reaching past your eyebrows will make this more dramatic however you can tone this up or down depending how far you want to go with this makeup technique. More casual = shorter lines, more dramatic = Long flicks!

Step Seven

Begin joining up the lines with little curves - look at photographs of spider's webs if that helps you! They don't have to be even or perfect, sometimes the more random the better. Also add black lines that start wide and thin out under your bottom lashes. These will make your eyes pop!

Step Eight

Time to go to town with it! Add final modifications to suit your taste. I added a few more 'lower lash' lines, spread the web further and extended it higher above my brow, however it's completely up to you.

And that's it! I also added matching lips by mixing lip balm with eyeshadow colours and applying them to make a tri-tone lip design.

Using the same colours in your eyes and lips is very effective & makes them stand out!

Hopefully you guys found this tutorial helpful! It's a design I made myself, and it really is so simple to do. I might be uploading another Halloween makeup tutorial if I have time, then it's back to my Hairbow tutorial! ( )

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